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Canadian Forces Chaplaincy

As part of Lutheran Church–Canada's service in congregations and reaching out to others, LCC serves our nation by training and providing chaplains to the Canadian Forces. Through regular and reserve chaplains, LCC shines the light and love of Christ in some unique contexts and challenging environments. Whether at home in chapels or overseas in the field, the blessings of the Gospel are carried forth by our faithful padrés to men and women in uniform, and their families.

Chaplains of the Canadian Forces serve both God and nation by bringing their unique gifts with which they are endowed by God, to the military personnel of our nation in the broad, challenging, diverse, and ever-changing environment of the Regular and Reserve forces of Army, Navy and Air Force. While the financial benefits of a CF Chaplain are often much better than what a parish minister normally receives, the requirements and stakes are also much higher! Like any officer or soldier, they must endure the hardships, separations, and deprivations of those whom they serve. Like any minister, they must provide dynamic and genuine ministry with a shepherd's heart.

Information for LCC Clergy applying to the Royal Canadian Chaplain Services (RCChS)

Lutheran Church–Canada Full-Time Chaplains

Primary Reserve Chaplains

War is hell, and no one can speak to it more articulately than a military chaplain who sees life and death through the lens of God's love and eternal protection in Jesus Christ.

Peacetime, too, can be a lesser hell for men and women serving in faraway lands or on distant seas, in dangerous skies, or even in another part of this country. Wherever he or she serves, a soldier is still a long way from home, from family, and often from a Christian congregation.

Lutheran Church–Canada has a proud heritage of providing Christian witness and nurture to those who serve their country in war and peace.

Have you ever considered offering word and sacrament ministry in military chaplaincy?

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