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Information for LCC Clergy applying to the Royal Canadian Chaplain Services (RCChS)

  1. The RCChS requires from applicants the following:
    1. Canadian citizenship;
    2. a Master’s degree;
    3. minimum two (2) years of active ministry experience;
    4. endorsement from the ecclesiastical authority (District President) and the respective ICCMC (Interfaith Committee for Canadian Military Chaplaincy) representative (this will be sought once ecclesiastical endorsement has been obtained);
    5. completion of application process (letters of reference, application forms, aptitude test, medical exams);
    6. interview with a selection board; and
    7. successful completion of Basic Military Training Course.
  2. Applicants should preferably engage the regional recruiting chaplain rather than a Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Recruiting Centre;  LCC active military chaplains will be able to assist interested clergy in locating a regional recruiter.
  3. LCC clergy applicants should familiarize themselves with the following document:
    1. LCC Military Chaplaincy Guidelines
  4. Subsidized Education for Entry Level Masters (SEELM)

Seminary students may qualify for SEELM. Applicants would contact the regional recruiter and declare the intention to apply for SEELM.  Acceptance is through an annual competition with limited openings. The CAF will pay successful applicants the tuition costs to complete a Master of Divinity program at a Lutheran Seminary, plus a salary, medical and dental care, and paid vacation. Applicants must:

  1. have a formal candidacy status for ordination within LCC;
  2. receive a conditional endorsement by the LCC and the ICCMC;
  3. hold a Bachelor’s degree recognized in Canada;
  4. have been accepted without condition to a Master of Divinity program at either CLTS in St Catharines or CLS in Edmonton; and
  5. meet all requirements for recruitment into the CAF, understanding that 2 months of service are due the CAF for each month of subsidized study (applicants over 48 years-old would not meet this requirement).
  6. LCC clergy applicants are also encouraged to contact one or more LCC military chaplains for advice, guidance, and support.

Current LCC military chaplains:

  1. Regular Force:
    1. Maj Harold Ristau, Ottawa, ON;
    2. Capt Gerson Flor, Valcartier, QC
    3. Capt David Gallas, Petawawa, ON
    4. Lt(N) David Godkin, Esquimalt, BC
    5. Lt(N) David Jackson, Halifax, NS
    6. Capt Min Kim, Edmonton, AB
    7. Capt Greg Lutz, Borden, ON
    8. Capt Vic Morris, Wainright, AB
  2. Reserve Force:
    1. Capt Ken Edel, Medicine Hat, AB
    2. Capt D. J. Kim, Regina, SK
    3. Capt Thomas Korcok, St Catherines, ON
    4. Capt Sye Van Maanem, Edmonton, AB
    5. Capt Phil Washeim, Victoria, BC
    6. Capt Paul Williams, Pembroke, ON

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