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Privacy Policy Report to Congregation

How to incorporate the documents into your privacy project. (In the downloadable versions, the highlighted portions should be customized with your unique information.)

Commitment to Privacy

Is a one page document that will be used to inform the congregation stakeholders that it has a Privacy Policy and to provide some basic information in regard to that policy.

Practical applications for stakeholders to have access to this document will be for it to be displayed in your church office and it will posted as a downloadable file on the Lutheran Church–Canada website.

This document will benefit those stakeholders who only want to be reassured that we have developed a Privacy Policy and that we have a Privacy Officer in place.

Privacy Protection Pledge

Is a three page executive summary that will be used to explain why the congregation collects personal information and how it uses it, when and why a congregation discloses personal information, and how the congregation protects personal information.

Practical application for stakeholders to have access to this document will be for it to be printed in a form and given to a stakeholder when we request their personal information. This document will also be posted on the LCC website as a downloadable file.

The Privacy Protection Pledge will be of the most benefit to our stakeholders as it answers the who, what, why and when questions of personal information.

Privacy Policy

Is a seven page document that identifies the principles and guidelines that the congregation has adopted for the collection, use, disclosure, and retention of personal information.. Lutheran Church–Canada is using as the foundation of its Privacy Policy the National Standard of Canada. This National standard is entitled "Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information".

Practical Application for this document will be to include it in the Congregation Policy Manual and it will be posted on the LCC website in a downloadable format.

The privacy policy document will be used internally by the congregation's church council to develop the systems and procedures required to support the Policy and insure compliance with the principles.

Personal Information Protection Agreement

This is the two page document that Lutheran Church–Canada will sign when it discloses personal information to third parties, so as to comply with the new related obligations contained in PIPEDA.

This document will most likely be used by the congregation church council when personal information is shared with third parties.

Consent Language

Should be incorporated onto all the internal forms a congregation uses to collect personal information, there should be a signature block on the form for the stakeholder to sign.

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