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Reviewing and Recommending of Worship Materials

The Committee, in response to synod resolutions and survey requests, is working toward providing resources for pastors, church musicians, and other worship leaders to evaluate various materials for use in worship. Examining materials from different standpoints will result in various evaluations, each of which should be considered in worship preparation.

For example, it has been suggested that music for worship might be examined from five standpoints:

  1. scriptural, confessional, doctrinal
  2. musical (aesthetic and practical)
  3. poetic (aesthetic and practical)
  4. functional, liturgical, ritual
  5. pastoral

Some of these standpoints are included in a new pamphlet, Text, Music, Context: A Resource for Reviewing Worship Materials, issued by Concordia Publishing House.

This topic was the featured theme of the Committee on Worship and Music's presentation at the LCC Pastors and Deacons Conference in October 2004 as well as the presentation at the synod convention in June 2005.


The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Commission on Worship – Criteria for Hymn Selection for Lutheran Service Book:

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