Overseas Missions

Many of the early Lutheran congregations in Canada were established to minister to European immigrants. The tradition of ministering to people in their own language has prompted the church in the current multi-cultural context of Canada to establish congregations among many different people groups, including Oromo, Chinese, Korean, Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Finnish, Polish, and Spanish peoples. Recognizing the bilingual nature of Canada, LCC has also established French-language congregations.

This tradition of outreach has led Lutheran Church–Canada to plant and support Lutheran churches around the world, with special focus on Central America (Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Honduras), Ukraine, and Southeast Asia (Thailand and Cambodia). In addition to supporting indigenous mission in these regions, LCC has also established theological training programs in Ukraine, Nicaragua, and Southeast Asia to prepare Lutheran pastors and deacons to serve their own people.

LCC also works with Canadian Lutheran World Relief, which initiates development projects, assists Lutheran congregations in sponsoring refugees, and coordinates emergency relief in response to physical needs around the world.

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